Summer in Saudi Arabia

If you’re a native English speaker who wants to work as an ESL teacher in Riyadh, you better get ready for the weather you’re about to experience. Located right at the center of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh suffers the worst of the country’s climate extremes. Temperatures during the summer usually exceed 50°C, while winters are usually warm with cold and windy nights, but the temperature could also fall close to a zero. So you better stay out of the sun when wearing a suit in the summer. Throughout the year, it’s usually quite dry and when the wind blows, they somehow turn into dust storms that leave the city most likely covered in sand. However, while summers are insanely hot, they are actually not that humid. Evenings in the summer are generally tolerable and you can even experience an occasional cool breeze, especially in the outskirts of town.

For me, the best way to beat the scorching heat in Riyadh is to go swimming.

For me, the best way to beat the scorching heat in Riyadh is to go swimming. In a country where women aren’t allowed to do almost anything, I did find a few good swimming pools that were for women.

The outdoor and indoor pool in The Diplomatic Quarters Sports Club has alternating schedules for both women and men. Although swimming there requires membership, the outdoor wave pool with water slides, kiddie pools and a beautiful garden makes the membership worth it. Another place that I like is the Yibreen Spa. This secluded luxury spa had an outdoor pool and lounge area where you can work on your tan. Members can use the facilities for free while non-members will be charged with a fee. Also a good place to swim and relax is the Al Luthan Hotel and Spa, which is actually a women only facility. They do not only have a pool but also a beautiful water meditation room that has ceramic heated benches and a raised fountain in the centre that releases droplets of water from the ceiling. They also offer a Herbal Senarium, a Salt Inhalation Room, a Cysterina Sauna and an Ice Fountain! Another place that is similar to Al Luthan is the Al Multaka Ladies Center, which also an all-women facility. In addition to having an indoor pool; it also has a spa, a beauty salon, a library, a restaurant and a couple of shops.

Go and try out one of these places this summer. You’ll surely forget about the stress of the school year and the scorching heat.

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