Shopping in Turkey

The first thing that I did when arrived in Istanbul was shop. I had to buy essential things for my new place, like rugs, toiletries, appliances, ceramics, food, clothes, accessories, shoes…okay, maybe shoes are a tad too much. Did I mention that I had to share the place with three other fellow teachers? I hope the place doesn’t get too crowded. When I finally got there, I introduced myself to everyone like a politician during election season with hopes that they let me get the biggest room. It was the first time we all met and we all had the same thing in mind: shopping. So we decided to go shopping together, to strengthen our bond and to buy stuff for our new place. We’ve been friends ever since.

They even said that around 200,000 to 400,000 people visit the Grand Bazaar every day.

So we went ahead to Grand Bazaar, since it was the most popular market that we knew of—and also because it had 5,000 shops. They even said that around 200,000 to 400,000 people visit the Grand Bazaar every day. So when we got to the bazaar, we were so overwhelmed at how big it was that we just split up and shopped on our own. After going around, I ended up buying more stuff than I expected to. I just couldn’t help myself. They were all really nice.

So the first thing that I bought was 20 metres of silk fabric. Then I bought one wool-on-wool carpet—which is actually the least expensive kind of carpet—that was brown and green and had this weird geometric design that I didn’t really like but bought anyway because it was so affordable. I also bought another carpet that is handmade with 100% pure silk. It was a bit pricey but sure was worth it. Eventually, I ended up hiding the silk rug in my closet and placing the wool rug on my bedroom floor instead. I just couldn’t bear the thought of that beautiful thing catching dirt on it.

For our kitchen, I bought a set of classic blue and white Iznik ceramics and some really soft blue silk fabric that I had eventually sewn and turned into table napkins. I don’t exactly know what it is about silk that I’m obsessed with, all I know is that it looks good on anything and feels good on everything. After buying everything that I needed, I met up with my fellow ESL teachers and bought some food. Now the only problem we had left was how to fit everything we bought in the car.

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