Pet cafes in South Korea

Animal-loving ESL teachers in Seoul rejoice! Because besides food and karaoke, Seoul offers something insanely adorable and heart-warmingly relaxing: pet cafes. There are actually quite a couple of them already so you can take your pick between cat cafes, dog cafes and a sheep café—yes, you read that right.

Seoul has about four cat cafes that I know of, namely: Lily Cat Café, Godabang Cat Café, Y Cat Café and Cats Living Here Café. Most of the cat cafes in Seoul cost around the same—about 7,000 – 8,000 KRW for any drink and you can play with the cats as long as you like. There are rules though with how you handle them that must strictly be followed. These include not picking up the cats, not pulling their tails, not giving the cats people food, not using a flash when taking pictures, leaving sleeping cats alone, and the like. Most of these cafes do not have a separate room for the cats though, except for the Lily Cat Café in Myeongdong.

As for the dog cafes, I only knew of three: Bau House, Caffe Pawz and Sunnyne Dog. Similar to most pet cafes, your “admission fee” is included in the cost of your drink and as for the price range, it costs just as much as the cat cafes—around 7,000 to 8,000 KRW . The only difference is that dog cafes have a stronger, more unpleasant scent that hits you upon your entry—but what did you expect from a place that houses more than ten dogs? Most of the dogs are friendly and cute anyway so I guess that pays off for the smell.

There was another café that I found interesting though; it’s called Thanks Nature Café also known as The Sheep Cafe. It’s perfect for people who aren’t obsessively in love with dogs or cats, but are big fans of cute fluffy animals. You also don’t have to worry about the sheep running around the café or having an unpleasant smell because they are kept in front of the café for the people to pet and play with.

So whether you’re a cat person, dog person or even a sheep person, there’s always a place for you to unwind and cuddle up next to a furry friend in Seoul. Try going to one of these after a stressful day of teaching kids English. Instead of burning money at a spa, you might just fall in love with one of these adorable critters.

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