What do I need to know about teaching in Turkey?

Teach to Travel’s Turkey TEFL jobs are all based in and around Istanbul, and in Izmir as well—Turkey’s third largest metropolis. The positions are in well funded private schools that cater to kindergarten, primary and secondary teaching positions.

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Teaching & Living

What’s the culture and lifestyle in Turkey?

Turkish lifestyle is a mix of different Eastern and Western cultures. Since the time of the Ottoman Empire, people of many different faiths lived here together in peace and this diversity has been preserved up to this day. The people have immense respect for religious customs and traditions, which is why today there are 236 churches and 34 synagogues open for worship in Turkey.

Besides religion, Turkey is known for its food—which is considered to be one of the three main cuisines of the world because of its variety, use of natural ingredients, flavors that appeal to all palates and its influence throughout various continents all over the world. To sum it all up, Turkey is a multi-cultural country with great food, a rich history, unbelievable sights and a low cost of living.

Job requirements

Am I eligible to apply?

You need to meet the following criteria in order to apply for this position:

  • English as a native language
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A teaching qualification (e.g. TEFL / TESOL / CELTA)
  • Less than 55 years of age


What do I need to know about my accommodation?

  • Rent is about 500 – 650 Turkish Lira per month.
  • Bills (e.g. gas, electricity, and water) are about 100 Turkish Lira per month.
  • Once you arrive, a representative from our partners there will assist you in finding an apartment near your school.
  • Expect to stay in a hotel or hostel during the first week.

Visa process

How do I apply for a visa?

The work visa process will vary according to the teachers’ qualifications and application dates. Our representative will provide the step by step information on the visa application process best suited for you. At the moment, there are two visas available for teachers: E-visa entry and regular work visa entry. Regular work visa application takes approximately 6-8 weeks and you will need to visit a Turkish consulate in your home country. If you currently reside in a country other than your home country, you can process your work visa application there as long as you are a legal resident. You will have to shoulder the initial costs of the work visas but these will be reimbursed 100% on your first paycheck. You will need to keep all consulate receipts in order to have the visa fees reimbursed. You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Your degree diploma
  • Your teaching qualification
  • Your university transcript
  • Your passport


Key Facts

Turkish Lira
74.9 million


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